Godel CTO Elena Polubochko to Speak at EMERGE Conference

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Godel CTO Elena Polubochko to Speak at EMERGE Conference

EMERGE conference is only a few weeks away and we know you’re all excited! We are happy to announce the first Godel speaker, our CTO Elena Polubochko. Join us in May to listen to Elena talk about the «Blessing of Diverse Teams».

«I am a firm believer that IT is not exclusive to men or to women. IT is all about people. What matters most is not whether you are a man or a woman, but what really drives you and makes your heart sing. It can be engineering, product management, testing, analysis, design and billions of other things. You are an individual with your own set of strengths and weaknesses. People are fascinating as we are all different and unique and this blend makes the miracles happen. Maybe I’ve been lucky. But my experience to date tells me that if you are good in what you are doing and you are not trying to prove anything to the world, but rather focus on what drives you, the world accepts you as you are. It’s your capabilities and passion that make you as a personality. Great personalities make great teams. Great teams get great results», — Elena said.

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