Godel Summer Retrospective: Catching Flashbacks

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Godel Summer Retrospective: Catching Flashbacks

Summer is like a development project, isn’t it? We are planning and tackling tasks to make the final product as bright and memorable as possible. Now the project is over, let’s do a retro to remember the amazing Godel events and impressions we’ve had for the last three months — summer parties, wonderful trips, holidays and all the good deeds we managed to fulfil. Enjoy reading!

We were growing!

Within the last three months, some of Godel divisions and locations achieved round figures. The Mobile division has grown 50 people. If the team continue at the same pace, there will be 100 of them soon! In mid-July, one of the oldest divisions at Godel reached an amazing milestone and celebrated 200 employees, congratulations to our Java division. And finally, the team of Godel LODZ has grown up to 100 people. Keep going, keep growing!

The series of Godel Meetups started

This summer was marked by the series of meetups in Godel BREST and GOMEL. Each of them gathered more than 50 like-minded people interested in new concepts and solutions to listen to technical reports from Godel Java, JavaScript, .NET and QM guru, ask questions and learn from the necessary experience. The people who asked the most interesting questions were awarded! A cosy atmosphere and effective networking — the meetups have become a memory that will last a lifetime! By the way, the series of the Godel Meetups isn’t over — follow our news in the socials to learn more about the next one.

International Children’s Day…or month?

On June 1st, we decided that we have too many ideas and activities to be limited to a day. Therefore, we devoted the whole of June to children. What did it mean? Throughout the month, we collected clothes, personal supplies, and toys in all Godel locations to support children who need help. The team from Godel MINSK went to the children’s village to share warmth and care. Together with the children, we played board games and football, applied face paints, and felt like rock stars playing the Guitar Hero.

The guys from Godel GOMEL joined the initiative and donated clothes and toys to two local charities. The Godel BREST team took up the baton and supported those who need help. The team collected clothes, books, sports facilities and drove them to the Social and Educational centre where children can get the support they need. Godel GRODNO also supported the Godel Charity initiative — a couple of weeks were enough to pack huge bags and send them to the local community aid centre. Godel VITEBSK couldn’t stay on the side-lines: the team also supported the charity initiative and donated items to the children’s centre. 

The Godel MOGILEV team visited the orphanage and gave presents to the children. Godel SOFIA visited and donated toys to the «St. Nikolay» Orphanage via Holy Trinity Church. The team were very happy to see the kids smiling! Many hearts to you, guys!

We have become champions in sport…

This summer, we returned to sport: The Godel Football and Volleyball squads started regular trainings, and Godel runners began to conquer new distances. Sr. .NET Software Engineer Marek Pastuszka from Godel LODZ ran 110 km ultramarathon in the Polish mountains during Dolnośląski Festiwal Biegów Górskich.

The weather in Belarus throughout July was perfect for anything other than sports (i.e. sipping cold cocktails). But the guys from Godel GOMEL took this in their stride, as they completed the Polеsie cup. Congratulations to Lead Java Software Engineer Siarhei Naralenkau, Data Software Engineer Sviatoslav Stepanov and Jr. QA Engineer Anastasiya Memetava who cycled 12 km, ran 3 km and rafted 400 m.

Jr. .NET Software Engineer Raman Samuseu took part in the Brest half marathon, running his first 10.5 km.

Godel Sport squads are all about cool lifehacks, motivation and most importantly — like-minded people!

…and we watched UEFA Euro 2020 together

This summer, the UEFA Euro 2020 glued the whole world to their screens, and the Godel team was no exception. Altogether, we grabbed our crisps, drinks and friends, and watched spectacular matches and… «BETTED»!

The final game! A whole lot of adrenalin! Our hearts went out to our Manchester office, but what an achievement to reach the final! Nevertheless, congratulations to the 46 Godelers across our locations in Belarus, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine who believed in Italy from the very beginning! We also had a super prize in case somebody would have guessed all the finalists and semi-finalists, but the championship turned out to be a little bit unpredictable. You know, the rest is history!

Thank you all for your «bets», for the support with explaining the rules to the PR team and those lively discussions in the group chats! We enjoyed every second of our journey together in trying our luck and forecasting skills.

We conquered new peaks and travelled

.NET Software Engineer Viktoryia Aksionava from Godel MOGILEV conquered the peak of Elbrus and became a certified alpinist! 

The guys from the Godel Belarusian Club decided not to travel far away — there are enormous number of great places to visit in Belarus. Touching the history, watching the most beautiful castles and churches, drinking water from ancient springs and admiring exciting landscapes — the guys organised a trip through the places of interest in Grodno district. Calm Belarusian towns and villages are the real Pandora box!

The extreme lovers enjoyed super races

One of the Godel project teams went karting and the need for speed took its toll. They all turned out to be pro racers — sparks flew from under the wheels. 

To clear out what the speed is, the Godel BREST team organised a serious karting championship amongst the most extreme racers. 20 people decided to challenge themselves and their teammates.

Lovers of speed and adrenaline were found in Minsk too! In August, the guys from the Godel MINSK team got together to race and drift.

Congratulations to the champions!

We returned Summer Parties in all locations

The question on everybody’s mind was, when will the Godel Summer Party be returning? And fortunately, it was this year! Godel BREST celebrated with a legendary party that ended with people dancing to Rammstein and singing karaoke hits all night long. There was also an official part of the evening, where we congratulated the «labour veterans» of Godel and our Mr. and Ms. GodelBrest 2021 and awarded the most active people at the end of the day. 

Work hard — party harder! Godel VITEBSK celebrated the hot summer weekend in the countryside playing quest games. The team didn’t forget about the traditional staff: barbeque, board games, paddleboats, Godel jokes, and heartfelt talks took place. Despite unpredictable Belarusian weather, the party was a success — being caught by the rain can be a really fun if you are together with your like-minded fellows.

The Godel KYIV team kept in step with the others and organised their June party. It’s unnecessary to find a reason for fun: a warm day, exciting landscapes, sup boards and your colleagues who have already become close friends — joy is in the air! ​

Godel MINSK also picked up the torch: Their Summer Party returned with a bang! People from different locations gathered together to spend time on the beach at the Minsk Sea, listened to music, danced, went yachting and caught summer vibes.


Summer is leaving today and taking away the hot sunny days. However, the memories we have collected will warm us throughout the long autumn and winter months. Stay cheery and wait for the next one!

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