GodelTech Meetup (Online Edition)

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GodelTech Meetup (Online Edition)

🔥🔥 On September 21, Godel will host its 1st online meetup focusing on GPS Tracking, architecture, and NFRs.⠀

☝️ Our expert Artsiom Ladzik, .NET Division Manager at Godel Technologies Łódź will present his unique finding of next-gen architecture and cost-savvy projects 👐.⠀

❗️Here are some killer features of the event:⠀

✅ who are the architects and why are they wearing glasses all the time;
✅ what is NFRs and how to cook it;
✅ how expensive is the serverless, and are there any cases when it costs 5X less⠀

❗️Timing: 45 minutes with 15 additional minutes for Q&A

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