The Godel Pod: the Voice behind the Brand

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The Godel Pod: the Voice behind the Brand

We are excited to launch The Godel POD — an exclusive podcast by Godel Technologies. The first instalment features an original 3-part series about «Keeping Connectivity in The Hybrid World».

As people begin returning to the office after over a year of adapting to remote working and the challenges that came with that, businesses have begun the transition to a hybrid model of working. But what exactly does that mean for businesses and how do you keep ensure the water cooler conversations continue going forward?

Hosted by Sarah Foster, Client Director at Godel, we invite guests to talk about what hybrid working means to them. We cover a wide range of topics including challenges faced over the last year, ways to keep communication flowing in teams, maintaining wellbeing in the workplace and how to navigate hybrid working in the new world.

Discussing the upcoming podcast, Sarah said: «I’m delighted to be hosting the first 3-part series of The Godel POD. It was valuable to be joined by tech leaders to talk about a topic that’s at the forefront of so many conversations.»

Episode one of The Godel POD is now available. This week, we are joined by Dan McNeil, Director of Engineering at Comply Advantage to give his insight into hybrid working.

Be sure to keep up to date on the latest POD news by connecting to our socials to be informed when new episodes are released.

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