15 часов в день за $249 в месяц

27 января 2010, 20:51
В одном из блогов на просторах жж, обнаружилось резюме, которое невозможно не перепостить.
Young specialst (Belarus, Minsk) without any problems with
health\army\etc is looking for a job

I've graduated from Epam tester's courses, and have 2(!) higher
educations. I wanna make a career in software testing, but I
have no experience in this field that's why I offer my services

-= FOR ONLY $249/mo!* =- DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO EMPLOY A !PERSPECTIVE! SPECIALIST THAT CAN MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE FINANCIAL SUCCESS CHEAP AND EASY, THAT CAN BECOME A GREAT PART OF YOUR COMPANY'S MECHANISM AND MULTIPLY THE FUNDS THAT WERE INVESTED IN YOUR COMPANY! I am: Clever - Organized - Hard working(!!!) - Attentive - Honest - Easy-learning(!!!!!!) I can offer: - Ability to work at holidays* - Ability to work up to 15 hours per day* - Ability to work at the night time* - Ability to work for less salary than other specialists. - Great communication skills - Strong problem solving abilities. - Knowledge of MS Windows (95 and higher) at administrator's level I know (at the begineer's level) - Delphi - Visual Basic - Java Script - HTML - DreamWeaver Please find my resume enclosed and check it for more information about my skills and experience. Looking forward to your reply. Please feel free to call me RIGHT NOW!!!!! my cellular number is ХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХ PS I KNOW THAT I AM NOT A SKILLED SPECIALIST THAT YOU MAY NEED. BUT! I AM VERY CHEAP AND PERSPECTIVE. SO IF YOU ARE GOING TO DECLINE TO MY OFFER... BEFORE PLACING THIS MESSAGE INTO THE TRASH FOLDER PLEASE NOTE: YOUR COMPANY'S MANAGEMENT WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU FOR MISSING THIS OUTSTANGING OFFER!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------------- *I reserve the right to ask you to increase my salary after 2 months of work. ** For extra compensation Thanks
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