4 Belarusian companies featured in the world’s Top 100 Mobile Developers list

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4 Belarusian companies featured in the world’s Top 100 Mobile Developers list

Mobile market intelligence platform Datamagic has announced that its global list of the best mobile publishers based on the popularity of their free apps and games for August included four companies with development offices in Belarus. SayGames scored 4th place in this list — the highest among these companies. In a similar ranking by Sensor Tower, the same studio actually managed to break into the Top 3 worldwide. Returning to Datamagic’s list, Playgendary was placed 12th, while Easybrain and Gismart took positions 39 and 68, respectively.

Apps by Belarusian developers have their largest audiences in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with Asia currently trailing behind.

The global list of the fastest-growing games in terms of popularity from June to August inclusive was topped by SayGames’ Sand Balls. Over this period, that game was downloaded 20 million times. The new Cool Goal game released by Belarusian-British studio Gismart was ranked 3rd, with 8 million installs in August alone. This game is adding 700 thousand new players to its audience every day.

Perfect Slices was another product by SayGames that made it onto the Top 10 fastest-growing games list. Over these three months, it was installed 20 million times.

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