AppLovin announces strategic investment in Belarusian game developer Belka Games

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AppLovin announces strategic investment in Belarusian game developer Belka Games

AppLovin, a mobile games company building technology that fuels many of the world’s most popular mobile games, which it provides to game developers everywhere, has made an investment in Belka Games studio, as has learned from the Belarusian company.

The terms of the deal or partnership were not disclosed. A Belka Games spokesperson pointed out that it will continue to operate as an independent, stand-alone company and retain the existing management team.

«Thanks to the contribution of the HTP and its very numerous talents, today, Belarus offers a rather favourable environment for foreign investments. Strategic partnership with AppLovin will allow us to build our expertise and acquire unparalleled knowledge and experience on the global mobile gaming market. This is also an exciting opportunity for us to gather together the world’s best practices, spur company growth and [increase the] visibility of our games, ” said Yury Mazanik, co-founder at Belka Games.

According to Adam Foroughi, co-founder and CEO at AppLovin, strategic investment in studios with high-quality games, strong teams and outstanding leadership is an important part of the company’s mission.

«Our goal is to get topnotch mobile games discovered by players around the world and help developers get their projects off the ground. Belarus has a very powerful mobile game development community. We saw a pathway for cooperation with Belka Games and its founders. It has a talented team and a traceable and trustworthy record of producing quality mobile games. All that is in line with our vision and goal of growing the ecosystem and helping the best developers, ” he added.

This is the third deal between Belarusian studios and foreign partners over the past month. In August, the Group acquired Swag Masha, and Vizor secured investment from Playrix, one of the top-5 biggest mobile developers in the world.

​Belka Games

Headquartered in Minsk, Belka Games has been developing social and mobile games since 2010 and now has nearly 200 employees. Its audience has grown five times and games revenue — seven times over the last two years. According to Sensor Tower, in August, Belka Games’ products generated $4 million in revenue, with close to 700K installs. The studio’s most prominent mobile games are Clockmaker, a top-grossing game in the US App Store, and Funky Bay.

Downloads of Belka Games’ most popular games in August:


AppLovin was founded in 2012 as a platform for developers to promote the most popular mobile games in the world. 

  • In 2016, the company announced it would sell a majority stake to Chinese private equity firm Orient Hontai Capital for $1.4 billion. After the US government pushed back against the original deal, Orient acquired 9,98% of AppLovin’s shares for $140 million. AppLovin additionally accepted $841 million in debt financing from Orient.
  • In 2018, the American investment company KKR acquired a minority stake in AppLovin for $400 million, valuing the company at $2 billion.
  • Also in 2018, AppLovin made an investment in PeopleFun, a Dallas, Texas-based mobile game studio. The latter is known for such popular titles as Wordscapes and Word Stacks, which are among the 5 best «Word» category games.
  • In 2019, AppLovin invested in another mobile game developer, Firecraft Studios. Since Q2, its Matchington Mansion mega-hit has ranked in the 5 top-grossing puzzle games on iPhone and iPad in the US.

Apart from that, AppLovin has launched a media division, Lion Studios, which works with mobile game developers to promote and publish apps. Lion Studios has driven 90% of its published games into the Top 10 Games on the App Store and Google Play.

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