Daedalean.ai opens office in Minsk

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Daedalean.ai opens office in Minsk

Daedalean.ai, a Swiss startup that creates autopilot software for autonomous flight, has announced the opening of a new development office in Minsk. In a Facebook post, the company announced that it is looking for a Tech Lead.

Daedalean.ai is a Zurich-based company founded in 2016 and led by CEO Luuk van Dijk. The team’s mission is to build the industry’s first certified airworthy autopilot capable of passing the exams for human pilots that are to be applied in air taxis.

According to Crunchbase, to date, the budding company has raised $12M from such capital investors as Carthona Capital (Australia), Amino Capital (Palo Alto, US), SICTIC and Redalpine (Switzerland). Daedalean has also pointed out that it has managed to get some big avionics vendors interested in its tech. With a team of 27 software engineers, avionics specialists and pilots, the startup aims to reach a $1B valuation over a period of 10 years.

The idea for a Minsk office came from Yury Melnichek, a Belarusian tech-entrepreneur, venture investor and software engineer. He is responsible for co-founding a startup investment company Bulba Ventures and a neural network-based AI platform as well as SDK AIMATTER, which in 2017 was acquired by Google in a historic deal for the local community, and a free cartographic service, MAPS.ME. Melnichek suggested that Daedalean should connect with some prominent Belarusian startups like OneSoil, WannaBy and Mapbox.

Daedalean co-founder and Chief Product Officer Anna Chernova, who visited Minsk to hold several meetings and interviews, said it took 30 minutes to convince her and van Dijk that there was no better place for a small company. She noted that the engineers who accompanied them on the trip were «totally blown away by the level of the developers here».

«I felt it made our guys, who went through Google and Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zurich, want to ‘catch up and overtake’ them, ” she added.

So far in Minsk, Daedalean has submitted the necessary documents to their lawyers and selected several candidates for the administrative director and CTO jobs. During its first year in the city, the office is planning to hire 10-12 employees, and its growth strategy will be determined by the local CTO.

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