The best-performing Belarusian mobile apps & developers in August

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The best-performing Belarusian mobile apps & developers in August has compiled a list for August of the best-performing mobile app developers with offices in Belarus. The ranking features 27 companies with revenues of $5000 or higher, based on Sensor Tower data.

August highlights: revenues up 10%, downloads up 5%

  • The combined mobile revenues across both platforms in August were $135.5 million, up 10% from July. iOS apps brought in $80.5 million of that (up from $76.7 million in the previous month), or roughly 59,4% of the total revenue.
  • Android apps generated $55 million (compared to $46.4 million in July).
  • iOS publishers earned 46% more than the makers of Android apps.
  • Mobile app downloads grew 5% from July to 257.5 million. iOS and Android downloads totalled 107.8 million (108.4 million in July) and 149.7 million (136.6 million in July), respectively.

The Top 10 companies with offices in Belarus by revenue

Last month, the Israeli gamedev studio Playtika managed to increase its revenue by $10 million to $81 million. The growth was mostly driven by iOS apps, which generated $44 million for the company, up from $38 million in July.


Vizor, Apalon, BPMobile and Gismart rounded up the Top 5 highest-grossing mobile app developers for the month.

Vizor continues to increase their revenues, which saw a $0.8 million increase over the last two months. In August alone, their revenues grew $0.3 million to $8.3 million. For the record, last month the company attracted investment from Playrix, one of the 5 biggest mobile developers in the world. App Annie named Playrix as one of the 3 top-grossing European mobile app developers for the first half of 2019. According to Mediascope, mobile users in Russia spend the most time playing games developed by Playrix.

Apalon and BPMobile reported nearly the same revenues in August as in July. Gismart’s figures shrank a little from $4.7 million to $4.4 million.

The top 10 companies with offices in Belarus by download volume

Mobile game developer SayGames continues to beat its previous records in terms of download volume. In August, the company’s products were downloaded 114 million times, up 13 million from July.


So far, SayGames has released 21 games on the App Store and 20 games — on Google Play. In August, Sand Balls and Jelly Shift, with 22 million and 18 million downloads, respectively, were the most popular games developed by the studio.

Its nearest competitor, Playgendary, had 50 million downloads, which is 10 million fewer than in July. Easybrain rounded off the Top 3 with 21 million downloads.

Belarusian-British publisher Gismart almost doubled the number of their app downloads in August from 6.7 million to 14 million. This can be explained by a surge in the popularity of its new Cool Goal game: last month, the game was downloaded 8 million times. Cool Goal is adding 700 thousand players to its user base every day.

Yandex (16 million), Playtika (10 million), Viber (8 million) and Apalon (8 million) all the topped 5 million mark.

Flo received some of the spotlight in August, too. The app ranked fourth in the list of the most popular health & fitness apps compiled by Sensor Tower, with some 2 million downloads. It also became the most installed Health & Fitness category app on Apple’s App Store. 

The Top 10 companies with Belarusian founders by revenue

In August, companies founded by Belarusians generated $53 million in revenue, up $3 million from July. Vizor was the leader when it came to revenues, followed by Apalon and BPMobile for the second month running.


The Top 10 companies with Belarusian founders by download volume

Mobile apps developed by studios with Belarusian founders were downloaded 230 million times in August, with SayGames, Playgendary and Easybrain at the top of the pile.


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