Евгений Волков

M evgenyvolkoff


Опыт работы:
5 лет

Опыт работы

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  • 5+ years of expertise in IT-outsourcing and software development services;
  • Strong experience of developing, maintaining and growing relationships with decision-makers and account management;
  • Establish and adjust selling prices by monitoring costs, competition, supply and demand; 
  • Responsible for higher customer satisfaction;
  • Represent the company’s business policies in various conferences, trade fairs, networking events to attract more and more clients;
  • Proven ability to coach and mentor sales teams to success;
  • Analyze the sales team, and check if the work there is going on smoothly or not;
  • Coordinate the sales operations with all the other departments of the company;
  • Establish performance goal for each employee, and monitor if the employee is able to meet up the expectations or not, help him to meet them up;
  • Continuously motivate the sales team and inspire them to stay focused on company’s goals;
  • Seek out new customers and sales opportunities to help build up the empire.
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