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2 года
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Java Middle Developer

Project#4 Mobile IT solutions for security and management.
Tasks performed:
Sql query refactoring, to meet the requirements of postgresql 10, adding unit tests (Mock, TestNG), edititing localization, fixing sql functions, working with Liqubase, changing the API for the introduction of additional functionality.

Project#3: Electronic content management for insurance issues.
Tasks performed:
1) Create a scanners for import old and new data(documents) in our app.
2) Work with Java I/O.
3) Parsing XML.
4) Communication with the customer.
5) Bug fixing.
6) Deploying project to test and prod servers.

Project#2:Familiarization of users with the documentation in electronic form. The project is connected with ECM. ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is a set of applications for managing corporate content.The basis is IBM FileNet platform.
Tasks performed:
1) Creation Basic Authentication.
2) Creation doc to pdf converter with openoffice API.
3) Working with REST.

Project#1: System for monitoring and responding to emergency situations.
Tasks performed:
The project is connected with ECM.
ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is a set of applications for managing corporate content.The basis is IBM FileNet platform.
My duties included various tasks:
1) Delivery of the project (DB PostgreSQL, GeoServer, application (the assembly carried out Gradle)) to the server using PUTTY and Filezilla.
2) Working with the PostgreSQL database (creating, editing, deleting export and import data), the PostGIS extension (for working with geodata).
3) Creation of Services, Controllers and Views in Grails
4) Working with JS and JQuery, using the OpenLayers library.
5) Build a project using Jenkins.
6) Work with GeoServer (creating / configuring layers, downloading geo-data from MapInfo format (conversion to GeoJSON and its parsing).
7) Install and configure the Nginx server for distributing static content (distribution of tiles for maps).
8) Import/export of files/reports in Word, Excel, PDF format.
9) Integration with a third-party database on a schedule.
10) Communication with the customer.



English: A2+/B1

* More than 2 years experience as a Java developer
* Took part in at least 4 projects
* Experience and good knowledge with the following technologies: Java 8, Spring (Core, MVC), PosgreSql, Design principles and patterns.
* Experience with tools: Intellij IDEA, Git, Jira, Jenkins, PgAdmin, Postman.
* Disciplined, responsibility, analytical skills.

Skills and Awards:

* Agile: Software Development Methodologies: SCRUM;
* Business Intelligence: DB Development General: SQL;
* Business Intelligence: RDBMS: pgAdmin;
* Content management: Platforms: IBM FileNet;
* Embedded: Network Protocols: REST;
* Java: Utility Libraries: Apache POI;
* Java: Application Servers and Middleware: Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere Application Server;
* Java: Building Tools: Gradle, Maven;
* Java: JEE Frameworks: Grails, JPA, Spring MVC;
* Java: Programming Languages: Java, Groovy;
* Java: Integrated Development Environments: IntelliJ IDEA;
* Java: Programming Technologies: JDBC, Java EE, Java SE;
* Java: Java 8;
* Java: Internet Technologies: Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Servlets;
* Java: Spring: Spring Core, Spring REST;
* Miscellaneous Software Engineering Tools and Methods: Virtualization Tools: Docker
* Miscellaneous Software Engineering Tools and Methods: GIS: GeoServer, PostGIS;
* Miscellaneous Software Engineering Tools and Methods: Operating Systems: Mac OS, Linux; Windows;
* Software Configuration Management: Version Control Systems: Git, Gitlab, Liquibase;
* Software Configuration Management: Building Tools: Jenkins;
* Software Construction: JavaScript: Bootstrap, JQuery, OpenLayers;
* Software Construction: Profiling Tools: Java VisualVM;
* Software Construction: SQL Databases: PostgreSQL;
* Software Construction: Security Protocols and Standards: SSH;
* Software Construction: Proxy Servers: Squid;
* Software Construction: Integrated Development Environments: Xcode;
* Software Construction: Internet Technologies: nginx;
* Software Design: Software Design Notations: UML;
* Software Engineering Management: Project Management/Defect Tracking Systems: JIRA;
* Testing: Performance testing: Apache JMeter;
* Testing: Unit Testing: JUnit, TestNG;
* Testing: API Testing: Postman, SoapUI (Open Source);
* Testing: Test Levels: System Integration Testing, Unit testing.


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