Наталья Левкович

Natalya Levkovich


Опыт работы:
1 год
Осн. технология:
apache tomcat, spring framework

Опыт работы

  • Java Developer в Logic Way
  • Java Developer в Ispirer

Личная информация

Дата рождения:
Обо мне:

Clear understanding of Object Oriented Programming semantics and Design Patterns. Applying Java world trends such as frameworks, libraries, design approaches (Spring, Hibernate). Outstanding team player with a positive attitude to drive with delivering results on time and within budget, having the ability to communicate clearly and effectively when discussing issues with team members and management. Strong communications skills. Able to learn new technologies rapidly. 
I have developed a three-tiered application BrookerTool, which involves the following programming patterns (MVC, DAO, Command, Composite Design to constract GUI, Singleton, Thread pool, Transfer Object, Factory, RMI). 

Skills: JDBC API, Java Swing, Spring, Hibernate, logging API, Java RMI, JUnit4; 

Certification: Developing Java Applications (IBA Training Center; 2.8.5)/2013, October; 
Attened English courses at the university-2012 
Programming Languages: Java, C++, C#; 
Familiar with ASP.NET WebForms/MVC, MSSQLServer, C++, AssemblerI80x86, UML, SQL, Java DB (Derby),Oracle,MySQL; 

December-January 2013/14 , graduated from the courses in the course Itransition Industrial software development in group JAVA, studied Ajax, JS, JQuery, there is a course project , which I made in the end - Trainig online diary, we had to load the texts for reading , read the chapters , when editing , you can use drag and drop to change the sequence of chapters , use markup markdown , keep reading place in cookies. I had to make it find mistakes and had to edit the book covers : crop, change the contrast , sepia , etc.could read white on black and black on white.


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