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My primary programming language is C++. My primary skill is Algorithms & Data Structures. Usually in my projects I mentor more junior programmers as an architect/manager. I also know Java and C#, though not their libraries and frameworks. In addition to high-level algorithmic optimization, I optimize programs with multithreading/vectorization, including OpenMP, SIMT (CUDA) and SIMD (SSE/AVX). As to machine learning, I studied Artificial Intelligence at Amsterdam University onsite, used and extended LibSVM, and have developed an interactive probabilistic question-asking system that reaches and stays at 100% accuracy e.g. on learning the binary search algorithm. You can read more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergerogatch/detail/recent-activity/posts/ .

I have been programming since 1994 on my own, with work/commercial experience since 2005. At the universities I studied Artificial Intelligence (MSc) and Applied Mathematics & Computer Science (Bachelor). Primarily I was developing software for Windows, but I have some cross-platform development experience and experience working on Linux. I am familiar with multithreaded development and software reliability/data durability tasks. I have sufficient experience with SQL (MySql, MSSQL in particular). During school times I participated in programming competitions and took highest places at national competitions and got above average results at international competitions. In my spare time I participated in TopCoder competitions, though not much recently, and open source projects. My Master Thesis was in Software Architecture and Artificial Intelligence areas: automatic inference of software architecture (high level overview, nested software decomposition) from software source code. I couldn't so far find investors to let me turn it into a commercial tool.

More details: Open source activity: https://github.com/srogatch/ProbQA , https://github.com/srogatch/ReflexBuffers , http://sourceforge.net/p/insoar/code-0/HEAD/tree/ . Achievements: http://stats.ioinformatics.org/people/2056 , http://community.topcoder.com/tc?module=MemberProfile&cr=23291407

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