Yury Silivonchyk

M silivon
– tester в ITSupportMe


Опыт работы:
2 года
Осн. технология:
HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript

Опыт работы

  • – СЕЙЧАС
    tester в ITSupportMe
  • – СЕЙЧАС
    student в EPAM

Личная информация

Дата рождения:
Обо мне:

Software Testing Introduction (EPAM training center) Nov 2015 - Apr 2016

Practice Projects:

Algo OpVar By Algorithmics(Software that helps customer to evaluate Operational Value at Risk that uses Analytical methods and asymptotic behaviour. (Risk management))

Functional testing
• Test-cases executing
• Bug hunting 
• Bug tracking (JIRA)
• Regression testing

Lanyon Passkey(The Leading Reservation, Upsell and Optimization software for Group Hotel Bookings.)

Functional testing
Test-cases executing
Bug hunting
Bug tracking (JIRA)
Regression testing

Worked on projects:

  • Global Health Care Management (Internal site for more than 40 pharmacies in USA)
  • Global Pipeline system for GHCM call center. (a framework for call-centers processing of incoming calls from patients which are interested in a medical production)
  • SummitData (a micro-service providing centralized batch Eligibility service)

  • Shoes (special desctop application for diabetic shoes selection)

  • Cirrus (Insurance CRM)

  • GSens Mobile (application for blood sugar measuring )

Automatization experience on Cypress, api testing, work with GIT, scrum practice


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